Teenage girl posing in hip hop dance.



ages 13 to 18

Our Teen Program is specially designed to provide students that are either new to dance or wish to start taking again after several years without taking classes. These classes are divided by technique and give the student an opportunity to learn at their own pace.

These classes are designed for our recreational students that take dance as an additional activity on top of other activities. These classes are less intense than our leveled classes but still work to challenge the students.

Many students over the years have begun in our recreational pre-teen and teen program and have progressed to a point that they could take with our leveled students. We think of our pre-teen and teen program as a starting point where a student may progress into a more rigorous dance program if they desire.

Our teen program is staffed by the same highly qualified staff that teach our advanced students. All the teachers at Elite Feet Dance Studio have a BS or BFA in Dance or extensive professional experience and training.

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