Early Childhood

ages 2 1/2 to 6

Our Early Childhood Program is specially designed to provide children two and a half through 10 years of age with a strong foundation in dance and movement; space and how we relate to it, both as an individual and as a member of a group; the eight basic locomotor skills; musical rhythm, beat and time; opposites and directions. Integrated with these physical concepts are the intellectual concepts of self-awareness, creative expression, imagination, teamwork, and basic body/health awareness.

Through participation in these classes, students also learn the basics of classroom behavior and manners, which remain the same throughout their dancing years. These concepts include learning how to take turns, following another dancer and leading the way, waiting patiently, working together with others, and having a positive attitude.

Educators now know that training young children in the concepts of movement sequencing, patterning, and spatial relationships lays a strong foundation for the later development of reading, mathematics, and other educational skills. Children in our Early Childhood Program work actively in all these areas. Our classes are limited in size (see below) and have an assistant if needed. This allows the teacher to keep the class moving for the entire time.

All the Early Childhood Program teaching staff at Elite Feet Dance Studio have a BS or BFA in Dance. All teachers follow the same outline of skills that need to be taught for each age in Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop and Acrobatics. For a brief description of our Early Childhood classes please look at the information below.

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