Teenage dancer on her toes in flowing costume.

Elite Feet Dance Companies

ages 9 to 18 Director's Approval Required

Our dance company offers a program that is an additional opportunity for our students to perform and compete at local and national dance competitions.

We currently house two companies in the studio the Elite Feet Dance Company which specializes in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, modern and acrobatics and the Elite Feet Hip Hop Company which specializes exclusively on the technique of hip hop. Being part of either or both companies is a great way for our students to get additional training, be able to perform more often and to get critiques from professionals other than ourselves.

Participation in either dance company is by audition only.

In order to be part of the company a student must take technique classes at Elite Feet Dance Studio. The company students work on their dances during specially scheduled company rehearsal times. Regular class time during the week is not occupied by rehearsals. We feel that a student only grows as a performer if they continue to work technique during class therefore we do not take time out of technique classes during the week to rehearse company dances.

Our dancers in our company are also encouraged to explore other areas of their interest, i.e. band, theater, girl scouts, church youth group. We understand that in order to have a healthy adult you must first have a well balanced and healthy child and therefore our company students are allowed to pursue other interests as well as being part of our program. With that said it is important to know that we expect a level of commitment to the company in order that everyone can achieve their goals come competition season.

Every year we attend three local competitions during the school year and every other year we attend one national competition during the summer. We are not what would be considered a competition studio in the fact that we do not spend most weekends away at competition. We view competitions as a nice addition to our students dance education but not the most important component.

Through participation in the company, students also gain self confidence that can translate to many aspects of their lives. By performing in front of hundreds of people at competitions they will be more comfortable standing in front of a class or office meeting making a presentation. They will learn the value of working as a team and that when everyone puts forth the same effort great things can happen. They will gain friendships that will last well into the future because they have this unique shared experience and many hours together through the years.

Company Audition Information – Call 301-620-9099 or email at info@elitefeetstudio.com

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