Policies and Procedures


The Director and Staff of the Elite Feet Dance Studio, LLC would like to welcome you to the 2022 – 2023 dance season under the direction of Gay Lynn Meadows. We have created this set of Policies and Procedures to give our parents and students a clear understanding of our mutual commitments and responsibilities to the Elite Feet Dance Studio.

Our dance program serves beginning through advanced students starting at age 2-1/2.  Our program employs small class sizes allowing no more than 10 students in Early Childhood Classes (More Than Dance, I Can Dance, Watch Me Dance, Hip Hop and Acrobatics) and no more than 12 students for Gotta Dance. All other classes have no more than 15 students per class.

We believe that our success comes as a result of providing solid training and quality service, along with an underlying belief in the strength of our organization.  The teaching staff at Elite Feet Dance Studio are either professionally trained or have college degrees in dance.  High school students are used only as assistant teachers or fill in when a teacher cannot teach due to an emergency or illness.

Parents are responsible for being aware of all dates, schedule changes, holiday schedule and recital information.  All information will be provided by email, Elite Feet Facebook and posted on our website. Every month an email will also be sent out to provide new information needed for the month.


A onetime non–refundable fee of $25.00 is due with September tuition at time of registration.  This will reserve the student a place in class.  Parents must fill out the on-line Registration, Medical and Confirmation forms before starting class.


Our tuition is based on a 32-week season that runs from September 9th through June 3rd and is divided into 9 equal installments (September – May). The registration fee (for new families) and first month’s tuition is due at time of registration to hold your space in class. A Visa or Mastercard must be on file for automatic tuition to be withdrawn on the 1st of each month. Pay for full tuition (32 weeks) by October 1st and receive a 10% discount. We also offer a 10% discount for active military families. Tuition payments not received by the 15th of the month will incur a $10 late fee.

Withdrawal from Class

A 30-day notice is required to withdraw from class. Withdrawal must be done in person or by e-mail with the Studio Director. Notifying the teacher does not qualify as a withdrawal and you will be billed until proper withdrawal notice is provided.

Recital Costume Payment

Students will need to purchase a recital costume for each class they are taking. Costumes usually cost on an average $75.  There could be additional charges for tights. Below is a costume payment schedule so your cost can be divided into three payments.

  • 1st Payment – $30.00 per costume due week of Nov. 15th
  • 2nd Payment – $30.00 per costume due week of Dec. 15th
  • 3rd Payment – Balance Remaining per costume due March 15th

We will be ordering costumes over Thanksgiving Break and your child will not be ordered a costume if we have not received the first deposit. If your child plans not to be in the Spring Recital the Studio Director needs a written notice no later than November 1st. There will be no refunds after the costumes are ordered.


All students are expected to attend their scheduled classes.  If you are going to be absent from class, please let the Director or the teacher of the class know of your absence.

No more than four unexcused classes can be missed during the Fall and Spring sessions.  If more than 4 classes are missed during the Spring session you may not be allowed to participate in the Spring Recital.

Absences resulting from illness, injury, school programs or vacation are excused absences but must be made up if possible.  Please contact the Director to find out what classes to take for a make–up class. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.

Dress Code Requirements

An important part of preparing for dance classes is the uniform to be worn, along with the proper shoes. No student is allowed to wear shorts or jeans in class. All hair that is shoulder length or longer must be pulled back in a high ponytail.  For ballet classes, hair is required to be in a bun. Warm-Ups may be worn with teacher permission only. No street shoes are to be worn in the studios.

*Please note that Elite Feet Dance Studio students will be able to purchase dancewear through links on our website. Check your individual classes on the website to view the links.

Dropping-off and Picking-up Students

All children 12 and under must be dropped off and picked up inside the studio. We do not allow our students of any age to wait in the parking lot. If you are going to be late picking-up a student, please let the teacher know at the beginning of class. If a parent continues to be late, a $5.00 charge will be added to the bill for every 5 minutes past the completion of class. The studio is not responsible for caring for students before or after class.

Class Observation

Parents can observe your child’s class on the video monitors that are set up for each studio.

Waiting Area

Parents are allowed to sit in the waiting room while their child is taking class. If a child is able to be at the studio without a parent, we request that you limit your time in the building because our lobby is rather small, and we are still trying to limit COVID exposures at the studio.  Parents are not allowed in the classroom during class unless the teacher requests that parents to come in and watch. There are video monitors for parents to observe class from the outside.

Food and Drink

A microwave and refrigerator are available for students who take multiple classes. Any drink that is brought into the studio must be in a plastic container – NO glass bottles. Students are responsible for cleaning up their trash before leaving. NO gum is allowed during class. Snacks are available at the front counter for purchase. The proceeds from the snacks go to the Elite Feet Dance Company.

Cancellations/Snow Policy:

Elite Feet Dance Studio follows cancellations with Frederick County Public Schools as follows.

*If schools are on a 2-hour delay start, there will be no morning classes, and classes after 12pm will be held as scheduled.
*If schools close early, evening classes will be cancelled.
*If schools are closed for the entire day, classes prior to 3pm will be cancelled, and then a decision regarding evening classes will be made by 2pm.

All cancellation notices will be sent out via e-mail, posted on our studio Facebook page, website and recorded on the studio answering machine. Students may make-up classes cancelled for snow by attending another class in the same technique. If you are planning on making up the class, please contact the front office prior to the class so the teacher will be prepared for extra students. If a class misses 3 or more days for snow the Studio Director will make arrangements to provide make-up classes.

Acknowledgment of Policies & Procedures

All families will need to log into studio director to electronically sign that you have read and understand these policies and procedures of Elite Feet Dance Studio prior to your child taking classes this fall.  We also require that you electronically sign off on the medical release on studio director stating that you have made us aware of any and all medical issues regarding your child.


Please call the Director at 301-620-9099 or send an email to info@elitefeetstudio.com.  Please do not discuss your concerns or questions with teachers before or after class.

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