Let’s Dance 1

Summer 2021
Combo / Ballet / Jazz / Tap
Early Childhood ages 7 to 9
Tuesday 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM


4 Week Class Session – July 5 – 30

This 1 hour Combo Class (Ballet, Tap and Jazz) teaches a variety of dance skills in an educational and fun-filled environment. In addition to learning the beginning techniques of dance, the students learn important basics such as classroom etiquette, musical awareness, and expressing emotions through movement.

Class Attire

Girl's Attire



  • Capezio Ballet Pink Footed Tights 1915C

Boy's Attire


  • Tan Lace Up Tap Shoe TA04
  • Capezio Black Ballet Shoe 212


  • Black Leggings or Black Fitted Sweat Pants


  • White T-Shirt (long enough tuck in pants)

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