Leaps & Turns / Conditioning Levels 6 & 7

Summer 2021Director's Approval Required
Leaps and turns / conditioning
Leveled Technique ages 13 to 18
Thursday 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM


4 Week Class Session – July 5 – 30

A conditioning class will focus on understanding the depth of training muscle memory to give the student the ability to achieve their personal best in classical ballet and other dance techniques.

This class is focused on targeting and strengthening the muscle groups dancers use to support their core and back as well as working the muscle groups in the legs and feet to help with leaping, turning and injury prevention. The class will also focus on working on the technique of leaps and turns.

Class Attire

Girl's Attire


  • Tan Jazz Shoe JZ75 Skin Tone

Boy's Attire



  • Black Leggings or Black Fitted Sweat Pants


  • White T-Shirt (long enough tuck in pants)

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