COVID-19 Protocols

NEW – Elite Feet Dance Studio is updating our health and wellness protocols for COVID – 19 to align with the recent guidelines provided by the CDC. Please review the updates below and please continue to be mindful of everyone’s health and safety. These protocols will take effect on Monday, February 28th.We respect and understand to mask or not to mask is a difficult and important decision for every family. With that in mind we expect our staff, students and families respect each other’s decision even if it is different than our own. We will still ask our families to limit staying inside the building during classes. This way we can continue to limit the spread of illness inside the studio.

General COVID-19 Protocols

  • We have consistently followed FCPS’s lead in regard to COVID policies so once again we will change our policies on the wearing of a mask.
  • Starting Monday, February 28th mask will be optional inside the studio.
  • Staff will continue to wear mask for the next few weeks, and will re-evaluate that decision in the future.
  • If your child is not feeling well and has a temperature of 100.4 or above, Elite Feet Dance Studio requests that the guardian of the child keep them at home. Taking class by Zoom or coming to another class can be arranged.
  • Good hand hygiene is still a recommendation for general health considerations. Staff and students should continue washing or sanitizing their hands routinely.We have additional sanitizer throughout the building, front counter, every classroom for use by staff and students.
  • Students will enter the building through either the front or back door into the main hallway.
  • All students are to check in at the front desk for attendance and then they will head directly to their classroom.
  • Students will exit through the door in the studio they are taking class onto the side porch.
  • Families with children taking the Early Childhood classes the staff would appreciate only ONE guardian escort their child to their classroom. Parents will then leave the building through the studio door to the side porch.
  • Families with children in I Can Dance and Watch Me Dance if it is not necessary for you to stay during class in the front lobby the staff would appreciate that you wait outside.
  • Students must bring their own water bottle (labeled). The water fountain has been shut off for direct consumption, but the water bottle filler is still operational.
  • Please limit the number of items students bring into the studio. All items will need to go into the studio with them.
  • We encourage all students to use the bathroom before coming to the studio.
  • The studio will be cleaned each evening after classes.

Our desire at Elite Feet is to provide all our students and teachers a safe place to enjoy dance.

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